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Welcome to The Kitten Distro, your go-to destination for fabulous and well-trained Blue Russian Kittens available for adoption. We take pride in offering both male and female TICA Registered kittens, eager to find their forever home filled with love and care. Our kittens boast adorable personalities, being friendly, calm, Buy Russian blue kittens Brisbane, buy Russian blue kittens in California, buy Russian blue kittens Melbourne and highly playful. They have been raised alongside children and other pets, making them a perfect fit for households with youngsters. Buy Russian blue kittens price, buy Russian blue kittens Uk, buy Russian blue kittens Victoria, russian blue kittens buy. Our mission goes beyond mere breeding and selling; we strive to find loving home where these kittens will receive the affection they truly deserve. If you’ve been wondering, “Can I adopt a Blue Russian kitten near me?” The answer is here at The Kitten Distro – where we offer nothing but the best furry companions for you to cherish.

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Personality of Blue 

Russian  Kitten

Blue  Russian Kitten are known to be quiet, gentle, genteel Kitten, and are usually reserved or absent whilst strangers come to name. When they’re with their very own liked and depended on human beings, but, they’re playful and affectionate. blue Russian  Kitten are lively however no longer overly so. Buy russian blue kittens, where can i buy russian blue kittens. They like nothing higher than to spend time pouncing on a favorite toy or chasing sunbeams. Read More

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All of our breeding kitten are examined for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) for the MyBPC3 Mutation by the University of California, Davis, and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory; “Myosin-binding protein C” (abbreviated MYBPC3) Blue Russian Kitten is a massive domesticated cat breed.

Full Veterinary Care

Blue Russian Kitten are generally healthful, a few inherit genetic illnesses which can shorten existence, motive ache or decrease mobility. … The 3 most common inherited diseases in Blue Russian Kitten are a sort of heart ailment known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy



Every unmarried certainly one of our Blue Russian  Kittens is born and reared in our residence, and we simplest sell them to houses who have each an indoor and an out of doors place for them to play in. Our objective is to create satisfied, social kitten that stay as much as the expectations of their breed. Please get in touch with us if you are inquisitive about adopting a Blue Russian Kittens. We have many available. You may anticipate to listen from us inside the subsequent 24 hours.

Our cattery is based on the concept that the kitten’ wishes, pastimes, and nicely-being take precedence above those of the breeder. He or she have to paintings to offer them the identical kind of glad lifestyles they’d revel in in the wild. They want to have their primary desires met, be loose to do as they desire with their time, and feature social interaction with like-minded others.

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