The coat is called a “double coat” due to the 2 distinct layers, which make the cats seem a whole lot larger than they surely are. In order to keep their lovely, thick coats, you ought to brush a Blue Russian  1-2 times consistent with week. Blues Russian generally experience being brushed because they like the eye.

Feed your kitten a premium, grain-free, dry cat meals consisting of Royal Canin, Halo, or Acana. You can also supply your cat more highly-priced, protein wealthy, grain-free canned meals and certainly, avoid giving a Blue Russian kitten too many treats due to the fact they're prone to weight gain.

All of our Blue Russian Kittens come from the first-class Blue Russian kitten breeders. And we assure that each Blue Russian Kittens for sale close to me is wholesome and has been socialized to be correct with kids. In truth, most of our clients say that their Blue Russian Kittens are higher with kids than another puppy they’ve ever had! So in case you’re searching out a Russian Cat or Kitten for sale, appearance no further!

Blue Russian kittne are curious however calm, affectionate but no longer clingy, and very clever. They can be shy at first, however they are playful and loving when they feel secure. While they may be satisfied dwelling with households and even different pets, Russian kitten tend to shape a deep connection with best one individual.