About Us: Welcome to Mobile, AL’s beloved haven for cat enthusiasts – The Kitten Distro We pride ourselves on offering the finest and most exquisite Russian Blue cats and kittens. With a lifelong passion for various feline breeds, I’ve dedicated myself to ensuring all our cats are spayed or neutered, promoting responsible pet ownership. Moreover, my experience goes beyond cats; I have proudly owned, shown, and bred miniature horses and Shar-pei dogs. As my children grew older, my dream of working with animals in a serene environment came true. In my pursuit of the perfect feline companions, I researched extensively and found my heart captured by the enchanting Russian Blue cats and kittens. Join us on this delightful journey and embrace the allure of these elegant and affectionate feline companions.

Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process

Discover the Unmatched Excellence of Our Blue Russian Kittens

At Home of Blue Russian Kittens, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have received recommendations from some of the finest breeders across the United States. Thanks to their guidance, we have carefully selected breeding cats that meet the highest standards of health, personality, and beauty, ensuring that both our clients and we find them essential.

As responsible breeders, our feline companions are an integral part of our family. Our primary focus is to raise beautiful and healthy cats with outstanding temperaments, bringing joy to every home they enter.

While our cattery is not registered with TICA and CFA, it doesn’t diminish the love and dedication we pour into our breeding program. Home of Blue Russian Kittens is where love, care, passion, perseverance, and pride come together to create a haven for these enchanting felines. Our name signifies purity, and we strive to provide only the most immaculately bred Russian kittens by incorporating some of the best imported lines.

On our website, you will have the pleasure of exploring a gallery of magnificent, good-tempered, and fluffy Russian kittens. Whether you are looking to welcome a new feline companion into your life or just appreciate their beauty, our Available Kittens section will showcase those seeking their forever homes and those already embraced by loving families.

Experience the magic of Skylar Russian Kittens Cattery as we offer Russian kittens for sale, including the beloved Blue Russian kittens. Join our community of happy clients and immerse yourself in the joy of finding your perfect feline match. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of feline elegance and companionship today!

Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process

John Doe


I can not start to inform you how a great deal joy he has brought to us each and our complete own family has fallen in love with him. My parents have shown signs of interest in getting a kitten in the end those years without a puppy. He has been a fantastic little addition to our location

Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process


Jaden is so complete of affection … As we’re for him! He’s modified our whole lives! The vet is rapt together with his increase and his eyes, knees, ears, coronary heart and everything is best. He’s a confident and happy fellow. He loves the auto however I am getting a harness as he on occasion desires to get on my lap! He sleeps on me from 8pm till his mattress time at 9